Friday, October 11, 2013

More Vintage Finds

I was trying to find a pic of my mom in one of her Marimekko get-ups, but those frantic few moments before cocktail parties must have been spent with the babysitter, not with the camera. All I could find were vacation shots, with Mom looking fabulous in her capris and waist-tied button-down shirts. I did find this picture of yours truly, c. 1968, in a dress my mother made.
Crazy-short, huh? That was probably the most fashionable I've ever been. Some 12 years later, you'd find me in a quite uninhibited mood in this prom dress. I remember thinking the label was cool!

Today, Mom and I ventured into the basement, a dark, dank maze of collectible clutter. Here's what 45 years of paint looks like in the sunlight:

We also found a neat 3.5 x 8 foot length of floor canvas (for painted rugs), which I posted on Craig's List, and a set of dollhouse furniture made from clothespins. Now onto the next challenge. . . Sorting through this stack of upholstery remainders Mom has culled from her "special source" to add to my burden our enjoyment:

Let's just say I come by my predicament honestly.

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