Thursday, February 27, 2014

Sun Salute

Finished D's quilt. Here it is indoors:

And outdoors:

To celebrate I cleaned out my sewing room.

And walked on the treadmill.

And dreamed.

Of a print I'm thinking of buying by Lakota artist Renelle White Buffalo:

Of the tallgrass prairie we hope to establish on the east acre.

Of a path winding through it.

Of a structure to which the path would lead.

(Possibly with a second deck for moon-bathing.)

Life seems livable again.

Thank you, sun.


  1. If it's sun you know where to come ;) There's plenty here. Actually I heard today there's a 90% chance of rain this Saturday. We Phoenicians are looking forward to it! I LOVE D's quilt! Greta that is an awesome creation. You are so talented. You get it from your mama! So did you buy Renelle's pic. I like it. I want to come visit your tallgrass prairie this summer. Will it be established by then? =)

  2. Oh, Zenia, it will happen, even if not next month :-(. Do you really call yourselves Phoenicians? (cool!!) As for tallgrass prairie, whoa that takes years to establish. It is a long-term commitment, lots of weeding and watching, and burning, and waiting for next year, and watching. Kinda like a foster child (a reconstruction of what should be?). But it will be so wonderful to enjoy in our "retirement" ha ha.