Thursday, April 17, 2014

Days for Girls

I heard about this issue long ago. Girls in developing countries having to stay home from school when they got their periods. Falling behind and dropping out, and losing the chance to develop their minds. Stuck in male-dominated cultures, unable to make change.

How much longer will these girls be able to attend school?
Days for Girls is trying to change all that. Days for Girls hooks up with sewing enthusiasts in the developed world, who get together in a big room filled with sewing machines, and assemble menstrual kits: 2 re-usable waterproof-fabric (PUL) panty shields, several folded flannel liners, 1 pair of underwear, 1 washcloth, 1 bar of soap. So simple, and so vital.

Then, the organization takes the kits places, from Mali to Malaysia, Haiti to Honduras, Appalachia to Albania, where local organizations teach girls about their changing bodies. In numerous countries, women are even being provided the tools to create their own local industry to address these needs.

So, of course, I am looking at the very cute PUL fabric I've collected to make and market reusable diapers for the hip mamas of my community, and deciding that it has a much more important use ahead of it.

I love that this cause has no religion attached to it. It's bold and brave and not the least bit squeamish. It's environmentally friendly, liberating, and it lasts. With a little soap and water, a girl can use her kit for years.

Aren't you excited? Isn't this the kind of event you'd like to organize in your community?

(Thanks to blogger Ann in Utah for turning me on to Days for Girls!)

Did I mention the bag? Every kit comes in its own waterproof bag!

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  1. This is exciting! What a wonderful cause! Have you made many kits? Did you form a group in your community?