Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Two quilts for KHOI

KHOI Community Radio is where I've put a lot of energy in the past couple of years. You could say my radio reporting has kept me out of trouble--or almost, anyway. Last month we had a fund drive with two matching donors providing $2500 each. Today, I presented quilts for them to the station. I wanted to make sure they felt the love.

Sharing the love is what our community radio station does best (KHOI = "Heart of Iowa").

Here is the blue quilt, unfurled. I made it out of an assortment of scrappy antique blocks a friend bought at an auction decades ago. Most of the fabrics were from old work clothes. Some were a little stained.

My design wall--such as it is--was in use, so there was very little "designing" going on when I stitched the outer border. "It is what it was"--?

Here is the back, made of "Silver Lining" and "Rich Navy" (almost a charcoal) from Connecting Threads.

Here is the blue quilt with its new owner (note there is a quilt--not mine--on the wall in the background. We are a quilt-loving community!)

Here is the Temperance-block quilt unfurled (you may recall I had quite a spat with this quilt).

Lessons: I like working "crazy" with premade blocks. I like the indigo palette. I like the effect of embroidery on a quilt. Sometimes it's not so bad just piecing and patching without thought of the "final composition". Sometimes those quilts turn out better than the ones you fuss over.

Now, on to my "Christmas projects". Gee whiz, I have a whole 9 days! (good planning, Greta).


  1. Love your 'no fuss' quilt! Thanks for sharing this.:)

  2. So nice that you redeemed some orphaned blocks and made them into beautiful quilts! Truly an awesome way to give back to KHOI and the quilting community.

  3. Greta these are beautiful! I see your crazy is addicting. Happy times.

    1. Caroline, yes, I can't wait to get to more crazy. Have you seen what "Quilty Folk" is doing with color-coded "crumb blocks"?