Saturday, September 14, 2013

My Go-To Fabric Source

Posting this entry is a challenge. I have sworn off fabric purchases until my sewing room has been significantly emptied! Still, I want to share with you my preferred fabric site--and as far as I know, everyone's preferred The $10K question: If I go to the site to show off its features, will I encounter an irresistible $4.95 / yard sale? ($4.95 is an outrageously good price. Anything in the $5-$7 range is a good deal, if you like it. If you love it, go ahead an pay full price, $9-$10 on, or $10-$12 at your favorite brick-and-mortar quilt shop.)

Both of these prints are $4.60 on Tempting!
I like buying from, not only because of the fabulous sales, but also because of the great designers whose fabrics they stock. Huge chain stores like Jo-Ann's and Hancock Fabrics have a lot of vertical integration; much of the fabric they sell is made by their company. Their designers are just so-so--and yet the prices are full-scale.

Here are some of the designers I like on Click on their names to see their lines. There's Amy Butler, of course, who has become a household name in fresh, feminine home decorating.

These Amy Butler prints are actually $7.63 / yd. Also somewhat tempting!
Then Kaffe Fassett, whom I've already mentioned, known for his use of saturated colors and intense, primitive garden scenes.

Note how the rulers at the bottom are different size. That means that these fabrics are not, in fact, on the same scale--though they look that way in the photos. You need to pay attention to the rulers and account for the scale when choosing fabric.
Both Amy Butler and Kaffe Fassett (pronounced "Calf FaSET') are part of Westminster Fabrics, a house that works with other exciting designers. Free Spirit is allied with Westminster, and has other good designers like Joel DewberryMichael Miller has a whole stable of anonymous designers, and most of their lines are worth browsing.

Novelty fabric is always a fun category to browse. Of course, if you have a very specific hankering, e.g., for dinosaurs or cherry pie, you can simply do a search and see what comes up.

The kicker? If you spend $35 at, you'll get free shipping.

SECOND WARNING: it is very important to pay attention to the rulers at the bottom of the fabric windows. The website will zoom in or out to make the fabric look good. You need to imagine the print in the size indicated by the ruler.

Now I've told you all my fabric shopping secrets. Please don't abuse it like I have!


  1. I'll gladly help you "significantly empty" your sewing room ;)