Saturday, September 28, 2013

Lovely misfits

I have been praising the existence of misfits lately because my foster daughter, all 67 lbs of her, has become best friends with a towering goddess of a girl, 6 feet tall and probably three times her weight. Her friend takes her to volunteer at the very best of what my neighborhood has to offer, One Heart Equestrian Therapy. The lovely horses there started out as mistreated misfits, and found their niche helping other lovely misfits, who have cerebral palsy and other debilitating disorders, but oh-so winning smiles and laughter.

I have a lot of lovely misfits in my stash, as well. Here is one print I inherited from who-knows-where. It looks kind of 80's-ish, I'm not sure.

I love it, and yet, I have used it in exactly nothing. It is so bold and dark. No other fabric has had the guts to stand up to it. Here it is in closeup with a solid I have also found hard to use. I bought yards and yards of this periwinkle / lavender. I think they may be destined for each other.

Here's my idea. A unique-looking quilt I pinned on Pinterest. I wish I could credit the artist, but the link failed. Unique it is, yet easy to copy and execute!

I imagined the periwinkle for the red, the beautiful floral print as the quilt back (so it can sing its lovely song without competition), and for the patchwork? Another set of lovely misfits, my beiges and off-whites (so unpopular these days!) 

The bonus? I get to use possibly my absolute most-favorite fabric of my stash, a shy but gorgeous fabric that has been waiting more than 10 years (well past its prime) for its moment. Introducing Miss Hyacinth:

I love how Hyacinth's spent (brown) blossoms are part of her beauty. Misfits make the world so beautiful!


  1. Ooooh! I'm looking forward to seeing the finished creation of the 80's-ish floral and periwinkle/lavender! =)

  2. Thanks, Zenia. I ended up making the periwinkle/lavender quilt top without the black floral in sight. Though there's more periwinkle left over, so they still have a chance to "get together"!

  3. They definitely should get together. I'm a new blogger too. Stop by my blog sometime and follow me if you like.

    1. Putting you on my blogroll!! Thanks for introducing yourself!