Friday, May 23, 2014

Breaking my Own Rules

We've got progress. From

But, alas, I am contrary to the core. I like to break even those rules I myself establish. So, note the two "problem areas" of my quilt below: Have I gone too far?

You well might ask, what, really, were you after, Greta? Obviously, you were breaking the pattern. What, besides a perverse desire to break the pattern, were you achieving?

In part, I believe that it's a forest vs. trees issue. I loved the fabrics that I introduced at each point. If the fabrics become too much part of the overall pattern, they may recede. Here is a close-up of one of the problem areas. That aboriginal purple is by Dan Bennett of Westminster Fabrics, and is, incidentally, out of print. I use it all over the place in this quilt. Total love. I pretty much love the brown adjacent to it, as well, but found it fit nowhere in the quilt.

In the other case, I wanted to introduce a Japanese print that really doesn't belong in the quilt (although it inspired my color scheme). Namely, it has a black background, whereas the quilt uses dark brown as its dark. How the pink trees snuck in next to it is anyone's guess.

In the long run, I really have no excuse, except my contrary nature. Stay tuned for the border, and don't be surprised if I revise myself with much gnashing my teeth against tyranny.

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  1. Lovely quilt Greta, love the summer colors and its so upbeat!