Sunday, June 22, 2014

Traditional vs. modern

I finished the quilt in time for a friend's daughter's high school graduation. It happened to be my friend's 50th birthday, too, so I made it an occasion by sending her this illustrated tome from Tin House Press in Oregon:

What better day than one's 50th to "lean and loafe" and celebrate one's self? (I more and more love picture books; my latest fave is Maira Kalman.)  Anyway, here's the graduation quilt.

That done, I doubled down on the stepson's wedding quilt, due date June 28. I struggled and fretted. I gave up on wedding ring. All I had to go on was "I don't know...neutral colors?" I remembered he had once given me rust-colored fabric for Christmas. I knew the bride's party was in navy. Before I knew it, I had grabbed all my old calicoes and...

Argh! The seventies! I fretted some more, stitched a few more blocks, then attended the bridal shower. Everything was slate gray, from dinnerware to sheets and (sigh) a "9-piece comforter set". So, I slated "that seventies quilt" for some future completion, for some other purpose. I will make them a fresh modern quilt, with gray, in my good time.

But: one of the wedding guests--a cousin from Arizona--has been waiting on her quilt for 6 months. She actually paid me--and asked for sage green and peach ("delicate flowers"). These preferences pushed me toward the traditional side. I had begun with "Paducah Nine-Patch" from the cover of Nickel Quilts book:

But my colors looked a little mushy when clumped together (plus the blocks can get quite tedious to make):

Today I sat down and appliqued a center medallion for it (the crosshatch will go all the way around). You get the basic drift. Fewer blocks needed, more space to breathe and actually enjoy the colors.

I have a modern quilt commission coming up, and I'm going to crazy it up, you bet. I'm weary of identical patchwork (but I'm somewhat pleased with my squirrel's nut!).



  1. Ohm new cool theme and what's the Quilter's Resource?? Love these quilts!

  2. I'm not sure what you mean by the Quilter's Resource? I love trees and just made up the tree and squirrel, if that's what you mean. Thanks for the praise. Maybe someday I will stop experimenting and develop a style of my own!

  3. What if experimenting is your style Greta? You are very creative and your quilts are always gorgeous!! If you need a home for the "seventies" beauty, I'll gladly provide. πŸ‘Œ

  4. Thanks, Zenia. It will be a struggle to finish "that 70s quilt". Maybe I need to go to a sewing retreat or something! Here is the inspiration, a much more liberated (color- and fabric-wise) interpretation of what I found out is called "Hunter's Star":

    1. I'm totally going to make one of these!!! I luv it!