Saturday, August 2, 2014

Six Weeks Later...

What a July it was!
Our July started, technically, on June 28, when my stepson Justus and his beautiful bride Kelli were married. My hub's family swarmed our house and garden (they're tons of fun), and my mother was present, too, with her ever-helpful hands and her artist's eye: "Tell me about that beautiful quilt underneath the one with that awful squirrel!" She actually thought they were different quilts! (okay, she didn't say  "awful", but that's what I heard.)

She was right, as she always is. Over the weekend we hopped over to a friend's vintage quilt shop, where I found several fabrics salvaged from the "Laura Ashley '80s" in the soft sea/sage green I had needed, but had not been able to find among today's fabric lines. Shortly after the wedding hoopla had become a happy memory, I had ripped out that panel and whipped up a bunch more squares for my Paducah Nine-Patch. Here is the result:

July was also packed with volunteering at a special summer school program for "at-risk" kids (grades 3-4) in our community. After 3 weeks, I was sad to say goodbye, and wanted to make quilts for all of them! (which is silly. What I really wanted was to spend more time with them).

Instead, I have been planning a quilt for another bride, the daughter of some friends at church who bought my silent auction item, "make a queen size quilt, $300" as a wedding gift. I directed the bride-to-be to Pinterest, and she shared her admiration for this amazing spiderweb quilt. My, what good taste she has. This is one of the most stunning quilts of the highly accomplished modern quilt artist who blogs at Nifty Quilts!
She said it was the bright, cheerful colors she was attracted to. I chose the Japanese X-plus pattern, (instructions here) and dug into my scrap bins:

I hope she likes turquoise! Her wedding is next weekend. I've got some sewing to do!


  1. I used to quilt. then i packed everything away to re-do our house. still haven't figured out where the stash and sewing desk should live.

  2. Fabric does have a way of taking over spaces.

  3. Oh how time flies! And what a handsome couple! The squirrel and tree are super cute...but what you did after you took them off is absolutely gorgeous. You have been busy. I adore scrappy quilts! The recipient of Turquoise Japanese X-plus should be very pleased.

  4. Thanks so much for your comment on a Word for the week - you're right, the turquoise background and the white lettering do look like highway signs :)
    And thanks for becoming a follower - I can't return the favour, I'm afraid, as I don't want to join google+ :(
    Your quilts are just stunning!!! One of my sister-in-laws made us all quilts when we moved back to England (hubby's American, me a Brit) - queen-size for our bed, singles for the kids'. They are truly beautiful things to be treasured through the generations...
    Lovely to 'meet' you, Greta :)

    1. Claire, yes indeed, Google plus is annoying and one year after starting I have still not figured it out! I just read your bio, my goodness, I had no idea from your blogging. I was just attracted to the "depth"... Virginia Woolf blew my mind when I read her in college. I hope you continue to experience victories.