Monday, September 29, 2014

Easy as 1, 2, 3...

Well, my big machine (I bought a longarm, see here!) collected dust for 10 days while the anxiety levels rose. This is how I am with technology. I am not one to jump right in. My husband Mark, an IT professional, had to practically hold my hand while I figured out the On/Off switch. Yup, that's how averse I am.

First quilt quilted was a lap quilt / charity quilt I partially inherited from my friend Liz, who offered it to me for quilting practice (she did the center, I did the borders). I quilted it in an allover meander pattern. Here it is on my weather-beaten picnic table.

Second quilt quilted was the Paducah nine-patch for my cousin in Arizona. Also quilted in a meander. It has arrived safely (in a rainstorm!) so I can write about it and not ruin the surprise!

The third quilt quilted I actually had to make! My dear cousin Laura, matron of honor at my wedding, welcomed her first granddaughter into the world last week. Laura has four sons and one grandson, and I know from her attentions to my foster daughters over the years that she has lots of impulses pink, glittery and otherwise girly stored up to share with this precious one, "Penelope." I wanted to add a quilt to the mix.

I chose the delicate rose backing first. Remember Dear Mrs. Emig's fabric stash? (see here)

This dictated my choice of pink: rose pink, not princess pink. Greens I knew would be welcome, as the color of the mother's eyes... Finally, the pattern: I made 16 half-square triangles, and tried them out in all combos:

(Interesting, but too scattered. I wanted something like centerpieces.)

(Cool, but how does this push-me/pull-you relate to the sweet delicacy of new life?)

(Again, interesting, but the box seems so... geometric.)

Aha! There were others, but this was the winner. With white on the outer squares, its boxiness retreats on a white background to become somewhat rosette-ish.

My favorite part is the binding. It is sage green, left over from the Arizona quilt's back. I likely would not have planned on it, but there it was, lying on my table. It is amazing to me how the sage green looks like the faded green from antique quilts, the pinks like faded reds.

Tra-la! Happy me. And, for fun, I quilted in hearts rather than meanders. My first actual "pattern" quilting! I still have a long ways to go in mastering the machine. But then again, I still have tons (yes, probably literally) of fabric in my stash...
stitch by stitch


  1. EVERYTHING you create is so wonderful! Your meander is amazing. I'm so jealous! Maybe it'll be easier for me to do on your machine. If you are looking for a home for the 1st quilt, I'll GLADLY bring her home w/me. Penelope's is so sweet. Looking forward to seeing more from Greta's Sewing Room!

  2. I forgot to add that Red is my favorite color. Please consider this when deciding if I'm suitable charity for the 1st quilt. =)

  3. Zenia, you are a total goofball. Well, I was asking myself last night as I lay in bed, what quilt can I possibly give this wonderful friend as a thank you for her trek to meet me! It's a deal. Now just catch that flight (and let me know when it is. When should I be on "stand-by" for your call?

  4. What a lovely quilts. Just beautiful. Your friend is lucky to have those quilts. The meandering is beautifull!
    Have fun together.
    Love from Amsterdam

  5. Woohoo! The long arm has been broken in. Congrats! Your quilts are lovely.