Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Baby girl fever

I sent off the baby girl quilt yesterday, but I have caught baby girl fever.

I finally took down from its hook this dress...

which had hung on the hook for about a year and a half, needing only 20 minutes of handwork to complete. Finally, I had a destination in mind. A few weeks ago I ran into a friend who works as a teacher at Head Start, and discussed the possibility of volunteering there. So I finished the dress at the library and gave it to her partner to take home with a follow-up note. Some little girl will get a special surprise tomorrow. And maybe I'll get to meet her one day!


Meanwhile, the most special baby girl in my life--my niece--is turning 8 in two weeks. Ahem! No longer a baby! I looked through my stash for the purple Anna Maria Horner challis I bought a while back. But my stash is in utter disarray and the Anna Maria has gone missing! I did find this lively, light-weight Indian cotton:

(That would look great in a below-the-knees tiered skirt...but is she old enough to appreciate black and white?) I also found this pinkish challis from Kaffe Fassett:

(I have enough for a dress, and it really should be a dress, but I've heard my niece is into skirts.)

Will she find the Anna Maria Horner? Will she make a skirt of each fabric? Tune in next time as this blogger solves (or doesn't solve) the mystery of the disappearing purple fabric! Or completes (or doesn't complete) the endless work-in-progress of straightening out and sewing up the fabric in her sewing room.


  1. What a pretty baby quilt and cute little dress! Greetings.

  2. Lovely little dress. I like the pinkish Kaffe for your niece's dress/skirt.