Sunday, October 5, 2014

Petticoat Junction

My weekend with Zenia is almost over.  We've had a great time. She stitched a diaper bag for her expecting daughter (I added the PUL wet bag),

stitched an apron for herself,

and quilted two quilt tops for a friend on my longarm (which I must say, did not behave that well). She graciously adopted about 24 pounds of unwanted fabric and used my fabric in her creations! My fabric room is breathing a sigh of relief. Also a sigh because things are feeling more organized. Zenia has helped with that, too, giving me incentive to look for things and not give up.

I found a box of pins that has been in deep hiding. We needed those pins! I also found the Anna Maria Horner cotton voile (French for "veil" or fine, light-sheer fabric), and stitched up this tiered skirt for my niece.

It has a fitted yoke with zipper / button closure

and a petticoat!

To match the cream color of the lining and the fabric, I dyed the eyelet with tea.

I've been drinking a lot of tea with Zenia. So nice to share small things with a friend.


  1. Thank you for the much needed respite. It was a splendid visit!

  2. I wasn't able to get to the show this year, thanks for sharing pix!