Thursday, May 28, 2015

Two "Just Because" quilts

I have two more Grace quilts (see post) to report. But, since the gifts were not anonymous, perhaps I should call them something else. I made them "just because," so I'll call them "Just Because" quilts.

One, for a 6th grader for whom we provided one week of respite. This brave young man was soon to be moving out of state to join his father. He was leaving friends and half-siblings and a mother whose rights had been terminated for an unknown future. And he was cool, really cool. Part-Sudanese with an interesting British accent, and obviously well liked by the kids in the after-school program where I picked him up each day.

During his week at our house he spent a lot of time under a quilt watching TV. He noticed that I made quilts, and asked me about it. When I asked him what his favorite colors were and would he like a quilt, he was so enthusiastic. Not your average 12-year-old.

One darling thing he said. "Be sure to sign it. In fact, I would like to take it to school and have all my friends sign it." So I included some white lozenges to use as signature patches on the back, and sent him off with an indelible pen from the fabric store. Good luck in life, Matt! In my book, you are a winner!


I have befriended the grandmother of my 7-year-old Reading Buddy, who is about my age. She can use a friendly ear when it comes to her duties as guardian of two grandchildren, and "worrier-about" two others. Her daughter, mother of all four, went to jail for a 3-month sentence last week (leaving her 2-month-old baby and 2-year-old terror with a questionable Dad). On top of that, my friend's son, in his 20s, is institutionalized for schizophrenia, and blames his mom for his limitations. 

Yet she is the nicest person, very "soft" in character (I am always coaching her to bulldog her way to better results from the professionals who are supposed to be helping her and her grandkids). As purple is her favorite color, I selected the softest of purples, and stitched this up just as the romantic smell of lilac wafted onto the scene, here in the Midwest:

The light blocks are crazy compilations from my scrap bin. I got the idea from this quilt.

My friend squealed with excitement~! This is why making quilts gives me such joy: 2 easy quilts for 2 good people. Now, on to making a quilt for my Reading Buddy, her grandson, who turns 8 in June.


  1. This post is so inspiring to me. I think you are doing a very good thing. What are your favorite colors?

  2. Green is the fallback, but I love blue too. But I mostly love doing quilts in other people's favorite colors, it gives me a chance to explore colors I wouldn't ordinarily.

  3. Greta, you are awesome! Spreading joy and squeals of delight one quilt at a time. I love, love, love Matt's quilt! Good providence to him! I'm really looking forward to seeing what you make next!

    1. Zenia, thanks for following me like only a friend can. And, you won't have to wait long for that next quilt to "materialize" ha ha. Stay tuned!