Sunday, June 7, 2015

Cute as a bug

I don't know where that expression comes from. But my 7-year-old Reading Buddy is just that. A little rough around the edges? Yes, that too. But cute and sweet and a pleasure to get to know. I tutored him all last school year and hope to continue.

I almost didn't get to tutor him. He came to the first day of tutoring, shy as a bunny and stubborn as a mule. He wasn't having any of it. His grandma apologized: changes in medication, try again next week, etc. But I said, "Wait!" And I said to my soon-to-be-buddy, "We're in a library. As long as you're here you might as well check out a book. What topic interests you?"

Eyes wide as pennies. "Insects!" We never looked back. This kid really doesn't need to read the "Learning-to-Read" books on insects. He can already look at a picture of an insect and tell you its name, its host plants, its prey and its defenses.

But that's okay, It makes reading all that much less intimidating. Plus, we can read up on other subjects, like the difference between frogs and toads. (And of course, you know what they like to eat!)

Happy Birthday, Brayden!

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  1. This is such a cute creation. Greta you make the best quilts! Lucky Brayden!