Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Tater tot quilt

I agonized when making a Swoon quilt for my then-son-in-law and bride, the couple who are so terrifically conventional and unwilling to "step out," they had to invent a color between beige and gray to paint the interior of their brand new house. The finished wedding quilt is here (but I can guarantee they're using some single-color Crate and Barrel comforter instead).

To make that quilt work, I had to remove four blocks with pink and orange in them (too flashy). Now those blocks have been put together in a baby quilt:

My favorite of the four blocks features some lotus-flower fabric from Spoonflower:

Despite the flowers, and the pink, this quilt is for a baby boy. Hey, we're not gender-uptight here. The happy couple are two women, and they are sooo excited. Facebook has been abuzz since the peanut was born two weeks ago--five weeks early. Now is the grueling hospital time waiting for him to come home. So I thought this quilt might help sustain them.

I had no idea what backing I would use. I am packing my fabrics to move to my new house, this coming weekend! But, lo and behold, this Brandon Mably fabric caught my eye. So cheerful, a cheerful village...just the kind of place I want this baby boy to live in. After all, "it takes a village"! I had just enough to eke out the back.

It matches the front in an interesting kind of way:

The boy is named Tatum, and the happy parents are calling him "Tater Tot", of course! I hope he grows up surrounded by beauty, as every child--male or female--deserves!


  1. Hi Greta! This is beautiful quilt and the backing is just perfect with matching colours! x Teje

  2. You know what? As soon as I saw the backing fabric I thought to myself, "Now this is one blessed kiddo! He has two quilts in one!" I love your quilt! Both sides will provide all kinds of fun tummy time and the backing is an amazing I Spy! I love it! You made me smile!