Monday, July 6, 2015

Long-Arming the Swoon Quilt

I spent the 4th of July weekend... you guessed it! Finishing up the Swoon quilt:

Months ago, at my request, the couple had visited my Pinterest patchwork page, and kept commenting on spiral quilting, so I had to break out of my "Meander" comfort-zone and go for some custom quilting to complement the patchwork:

I especially enjoyed making leafy-viney borders. They are not your traditional leafy-viney borders, but I like that:

To my horror, this is what the quilt back looked like as I was quilting. I was cursing my choice of a dark color ("potting soil"), of cheapish JoAnn fabric, etc.:

But practically all the needle holes healed themselves in the wash!

The couple loved the color of the back, which matches their walnut-finish floor. And I think they like the quilt itself! It's on facebook now, getting "likes" from their friends. All's well that ends well!


  1. Absolutely gorgeous and so warm looking!~ Well done on the long arming finish!

  2. I LOVE it too!!! The quilting does not look like it was's amazing! If I was jealous of your meander quilting before, I'm super jealous now! ;) Bravo on a fantastic finish!