Monday, July 27, 2015

Manic Monday

I am working on 4 projects at once. One, a green-and-orange pickle dish quilt for an October wedding. This one is under control. Paper piecing, bit by bit (sorry, no pic)

Two, the Pressure Drop quilt is growing. It is stalled out in my decision whether to change-up the backdrop to darks for more visual interest, or just keep it light (sorry about the picture quality). Please comment if you have an opinion.

At any rate, I used the Palette Builder (see post) and found a lovely mauve in Bella solids to use as the backing:

Next, a lap quilt for my aunt. This is sad: she has only a couple months to live. She loves pastels, so I whipped out this:

Obviously, this is my first priority, but I am waiting for a shipment of another yard of Kaffe Fassett's "Spray" in wine for the backing. I already have this yard of it (isn't it cheerful in a complex way?):

My aunt is being so brave, so wonderful. Meanwhile, we are hatching monarch butterflies at our home. I hope she doesn't mind a few butterflies on her quilt. Maybe a little corny, but I'm confident she'll accept it in the right spirit. Applique butterflies, tonight!

And, waiting for all these decisions to hatch and packages to arrive, I got a wild hair on Saturday and started a split rail fence. I sewed all day Sunday and now I have enough squares for a 72 x 72 quilt (meanwhile exhausting a couple of old shirts of my husband's, and all the sage green in my possession!)

Speaking of old shirts, well I had to make him some new, and last week pulled out my handy pattern. Must have made a dozen shirts for him since we've married!

No wonder I keep complaining that I don't have enough time for my sewing!


  1. I think I like the 2nd version of Pressure Drop better, with some darks in the background. I'm sorry to hear about your aunt; the quilt for her is beautiful. Love that Kaffe fabric (but I don't know if I've met a Kaffe fabric that I don't love!)

    1. Ditto that, on Kaffe. I'm a bit bummed that my Pressure Drop is no longer looking "rich" to my eyes" but more "gray-blah". I think it looks richer close up, but then since the quilt has grown since when I first blogged about it, I have to move back to photo, and the gray-blah aspect comes out, plus crummy lighting (sigh). Anyway, I popped over to your blog and read your story. Congrats on the new teaching job, and on getting back to your blog this summer. I'm curious how that crazy quilt turned / will turn out.

  2. I'm sorry to hear about your aunt. Love the quilt you are making for her. I'm not good solving those puzzles where something changed from one picture to the next. I've looked at your first two pictures several times, and other than the extra block in the lower right corner, I can't see what changed.

  3. I am loving the colors in your Pressure Drop quilt. There is something very appealing about it to me, no matter what your background.:) The quilt for your aunt will be very special to her I'm sure.

  4. So sorry to read about your aunt; I think the quilt will be a wonderful comfort to her for the next few months - snuggled in your love couldn't be more fitting.