Saturday, July 18, 2015

Palette Builder

The other day I read an article on hospice care, and how different people approach their final days. And it struck me that on my dying bed, I would like to be playing with swatches of fabrics and creating palettes for quilts, albeit ones I would never make (I do plenty of that at age 51!).

In short, I am a color freak and will be one til the day I die. So of course, I was thrilled to discover Palette Builder 2.1.

I've used palette generators before. Plug in a photo, it spits out a palette. Unfortunately, the palette it usually spits out is paint colors or perhaps Pantone colors. Not very helpful to a quilter. We need one that spits out Kona cotton colors.

And guess what, they have made such a palette generator! ("they" being a company called Play Craft). Follow this link and you'll come to this page:

Pressing the button leads to your computer files. So, then you load your image. Just for fun, I loaded an image of the cover of Cream's album, Disraeli Gears ("In a white room ... with black curtains ... near the station...")

At the top right, circled in red, is a drop-down menu. You can choose Kona Cottons, Bella Solids, "all solids", or Aurifil Threads. Here's the palette I got:

Now wait a minute! Where is the acid green? I said. Well, that's what the circled + button is for. You can ask the palette generator to go back and get more colors. You can also hover over any color you don't like, and press the - button that appears, to remove it. (As it so happens, both buttons are roughly speaking, acid green). 

Here is my Disraeli Gears palette, tweaked:

I could write more, but I know you color freaks out there are dying to try this. Just go to  Have fun and as always, play safe!


  1. Wowzers! Good info! Thanks Greta!

  2. This looks like it will take hours out of my day! I will be sitting here this time next week playing.

  3. So cool. Thank you for sharing this :)