Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Almost a fair finish

The Roxy quilt top is done!

I hated loved making it, but all obsessions good things must come to an end.

You may notice the black triangles along the right edge. Yes, I thought I had run out of floral fabric (despite scratching my head about how that could be). And indeed, I later found the 11" x 44" strip of fabric, piled where I had left it, in time to replace the black edge with floral should I so choose to spend an hour and a half in that fashion.

I once worked for a guy who used the idiom, "We ain't going to the fair," as a way of saying, "Good enough." For a quilter in Iowa, this is a literal expression. I have never entered a quilt in the Iowa State Fair, and I probably won't. I don't mind the character it gives to the quilt. And I don't think my friend will either.

And, the leftover floral will be like a sourdough starter to leaven some other quilt!

Before I close the book on the Roxy, I must choose between a wide-wale lavender corduroy and two different pink calicos for my backing. I'd choose the lavender easy, if it didn't need so much supplementation (2 feet in height, 1 foot in width). I also have scads of a ruby red corduroy (not shown) that would glamorize the piece, even though it doesn't quite echo the poppy reds in the quilt. Thoughts?


  1. Absolutely stunning!! The ruby red corduroy sounds devine.

    1. Thanks for saying so, Zinnia (such an exuberant flower in its own right!). . . it is now between the ruby red corduroy and buying 5 yards of off-white-with-black-print stash fabric at Udderly Quilts. I'm not sure if the latter would be following the "rules"... Hope you're having a great time in CO.

  2. "We ain't going to the fair": love it!