Sunday, November 24, 2013

One more Saturday night

It's not just any other Saturday night. It's the Saturday before Thanksgiving, and my "hippy mom" (see this post or her own artist's web site) is arriving tomorrow! I drank some coffee this afternoon, thinking it would help me clean house, but instead I tackled some of the 2 dozen g-bags I owe to the New Pioneer Coop in Iowa City. And now, at 1 a.m., I am wide awake.

I made some discoveries during this round of g-bags. I found that this Japanese yardage plays very well with sea green (right up there with midnight blue among my favorite Crayola colors). I've conceived (but not yet gestated) a sea green quilt for a May graduate, so this was a step forward. I even discovered a Kaffe Fassett print in my stash that contains a bit of this color (the lilac "Stencil" on the right below)!

Another person on my quilt list is a nephew, the 3rd of 4. I bought the festive Mardi Gras fabric several years ago to use in a camp shirt for him. Never got to it, but it's his turn for a quilt.

But that's not an urgent one either. What's urgent to me is B's friendships.

B. and I spent some good sewing room time today. She finished the blocks for her quilt (see its beginnings here, and we bonded over Johnny Cash (she knew all the words to "Folsom Prison Blues"!). Then we discussed how to describe a band she felt I had grossly mis-categorized as "goth" and "heavy metal" (Black Veil Brides). The song she played, I must agree, was better described as a melodic "rock anthem". She introduced me to "real metal" (Korn), which thankfully, she hates, and a new genre called "scream-o".

B. is, as she says, "working her way to the top of crazy." In her world view, you get attention for being pretty or crazy (no room for smart, or even cute?). Reports are she's climbed a few rungs at school lately. Her "friends" encourage these efforts. Yes, tonight we had a little "discussion" (ahem) about the definition of "friend."

B's most faithful friend, mentioned here, is nothing like that. Unfortunately, this friend has troubles of her own. She is at the top of my quilt-worthy list right now. The interesting thing is, I have no sense what kind of quilt to make. I'll text her mom tomorrow about colors, and take it from there. Stay tuned for that and more!

Peace out!


  1. Loved reading about time spent w/B. She's lucky to have such a wonderful teacher as yourself. Glad to know she's finished the blocks for her quilt. I hope she sticks w/sewing/quilting as it's relaxing and therapeutic. One day we'll be reading her blog about what a wonderful inspiration you were to her.

    I luv all of the fabric pictured here! Your mother's quilts are amazing!

    As always, I'm looking forward to seeing your creations.

  2. ... about what a wonderful inspiration she was to me, you mean. Had a great day with Mom; B took right to her. Cherishing these "family" times.