Monday, November 18, 2013

Carrying water

I should have known I had my work cut out for me this weekend. This is the card I made in Wednesday's Soul Collage club meeting (find out about Soul Collage here). I'm not sure why I made it or what it means, but it did not bode well. I did end up "carrying water" this weekend--mostly because I avoided bucket work on Friday evening. Thankfully the disasters were minor.

Let me say first that I made some breakthroughs with the Roxy quilt I described in my last post. Here, I put my second draft beside my first draft:

I still felt that the gray blocks were "overmedicating" the exuberant floral. So, I did the yin-yang thing and imported a little of the floral into the gray blocks, like so:

This fabulous solution, achieved around Thursday, got me so excited about the project that I began sewing day and night. I neglected:
  • my paid manuscript-editing work
  • grocery shopping
  • cleaning
  • talking to my husband
  • feeding the dogs
  • my radio commitments (I do some community radio)
  • closing doors to keep out the cold.
I did manage to keep up with B., who hung out with me in my sewing room largely because she'd been grounded from TV for having started off the quarter fresh with D and F averages (how can you not hand in homework that you have already done? Evidently because it's the cool thing to do).

I wish I could show you a finish (almost there!) but certain matters intervened.

On Friday night I left a bucket of kitchen scraps out on the stoop for "someone" to take to the ducks and chickens. That someone would not be me: Why not? because of course, as soon as I was done cooking a cursory dinner for the family, I was headed back up to vastly more important things.

That made the bucket a free-for-all. On Sunday, there was dog barf everywhere. On several rugs, a dog bed, even on my husband's sandal (which, I admit, I have yet to clean). Plus, I had to track down two interviews for our Monday a.m. radio show or risk letting down the team. Cook another cursory meal. Edit those manuscripts. Sleep, yes, sleep.

Then, for good measure, this morning I climbed the stairs eager simply to gaze upon my beloved creation.

And saw (and smelled):

Evidently, once my dog Teddy's digestive system evened out, he wanted to express his real opinions.

But it is the Thanksgiving season. And I can be thankful that Teddy's digestive system has evened out, that his turds (there were two others) magically failed to land on any fabric, and that this bamboo floor that my husband so lovingly installed in my sewing room is relatively easy to wipe down. Thankful that I have found the perfect solution to the intense floral fabric (can't wait to show you the finished product!) And thankful that I have family (and readers) to keep me honest about my commitments!


  1. I love the yin-yang thing you did w/the blocks. It is truly fabulous and I'm so excited to see the finished creation!! You've been busy sewing and w/other certain matters! I'd much rather clean up turds than barf =( Glad all is better w/Teddy's digestive system. Cleaning is always #1 on my neglect list.

    1. LOL, I would say turds is better than barf is better than liquid poo. That's happened in my sewing room before and it becomes quite the chore!