Tuesday, December 3, 2013

The Best Friend quilt

My foster daughter's best friend came over this Sunday.

While B is all quicksilver with her emotions and thoughts, her "BF" has always had the Earth vibe: receptive, kind, trust-worthy, slow to react. When she arrived wearing a brown tiered skirt, I felt my choice of Earth colors was confirmed!

(Plus, her mom said that her room was lavender).

I am an Earth person myself, and discovered a major source of solace when I first began "playing in the dirt"--or "soil", as we like to call it here in Iowa. My very first quilt, made after my freshmen year in college, was composed of brown, green and purple isosceles triangles. (I had learned of some ancient philosopher's notion that all matter was made up of triangles, and I loved the idea!) That quilt lasted for almost two decades, transitioning from bed quilt to car quilt to dog bed to rag.

This quilt will be a snowball pattern. I've been pinning a lot of snowball quilts on Pinterest. This blog's discussion of snowball / nine-patch variants got my mind working. But I figured, on the blocks that alternate with the snowballs, you can use any pattern; you don't have to use nine-patch. So I am trying out this triangular pattern. I think this will make the overall geometrics more interesting:

Nature is assisting me in my inspiration. I've been cleaning up my garden, with all its seasonal purples, browns and greens:

These colors are soothing and strengthening for me. So when my B. is busy throwing what she calls "BFs" (b*tch fits), I'll try to tune out and tune in to the BF quilt and meditate on the healing power of our beautiful Earth .  


  1. Beautiful colors for the BF Quilt. I so want to be an Earth person, but I feel like I'm always locked inside...working...and when I'm not working I want to be sewing/quilting. I've thought about a garden...and then I think again when I remember just how hot it gets here in Phoenix. =( I need to move to IA! Loving your nature colors!

  2. Let your B know. that we all are entitled to a "BF" (the latter) every once in a while. ;)