Thursday, December 19, 2013

A Christmas Miracle

Christmas miracles. They do happen.

And birthday wishes do come true.

My adopted Lakota daughter, for whom I made this star quilt (see earlier post), which I just got back from the quilter and bound . . . 

Complete with its cozy corduroy backing (my long-arm quilter Judy has been loving the corduroy backings, and I have been too, as it uses up fabric purchased for making kids' clothing -- not as easy to sell as I'd hoped) . . .

Yes, that Lakota daughter who worked so hard to get her kids back from foster care, then ran out of luck in late August when a school shopping trip took a wrong turn at the casino . . .

She got her kids back yesterday, the day before her 30th Birthday!

D. showed up to court on Tuesday expecting to have legal guardianship assigned to the foster parents. Her lawyer phoned in from elsewhere, expecting business as usual. The kids' social worker? She didn't show up. And just like that, the judge granted D. provisional custody of her three children.

I did not believe my ears when she told me on Tuesday. But when I called up to the reservation today, I heard, "Oh, D's into town taking Marian (her eldest) to an appointment." It was for real. It is for real.

Yes, I believe it's the best birthday present ever. I guess she won't mind that my gift to her, intended to wish her strength for the long haul, probably hasn't arrived yet.

She's probably not needing that strength today. But she will.

And I might just need the rest of that corduroy!

(For those who want to advocate for other Lakota mothers to get their children back, please visit Lakota People's Law Project)


  1. Praise God! So happy, happy, happy for you all! 😄 And the quilt is stunning!

  2. Thank you Zenia. I am stunned and amazed. Hoping that the hard lessons sank in, and looking forward to meeting the kids! (oif course, you know what this means: 3 more quilts!)