Sunday, December 8, 2013

A proliferation of BFs!

Happy happy! Not only did I finish the snowball piecing (in Earth colors, for B's best friend)...

... but I have had many marvelous and astonishing adventures with B. and her BFs.

Today, it was the boy friend, with the emphasis on "boy." At 11, he is two years younger than she--respectful, sweet, and non-hormonal!!! He came to the car wearing his 3rd place medal from last night's wrestling meet. They spent the day together, and what a gift his cuddly friendship was to B., what balm for her soul.

By contrast (ahem!), the other night, I dropped off B and her statuesque best friend for a shopping spree at the mall, $15 each. Two hours and one ho-hum meeting later, I returned to find B wearing $7, 7-inch black stilettos, apparently "picked out" for her (?) by the Payless Shoe employee (bless her heart). I threw a BF ("b*tch fit"), which was countered by B's "BF", which was then checked by my "opposite day" routine: whenever B. dishes up insults, either hurled expletives or snide and cutting remarks, I thank her for her kindness: "you know, I have always wanted to be called a '_____'." This was ultimately check-mated by the statement "I love you," and so I agreed she could wear the shoes one day to school, after which they would be in my custody. How grateful I was for the BF's presence, as a modulating witness to our madness.

The bottom line: Both of B's BFs are telling her she needs to show more respect!! As an expression of gratitude to the gods, I think another BF-quilt is in order (for the wrestler). But first, there are a few details left on the best friend quilt.

Namely, it's too square-ish. Even with borders, the height will need to be expanded more than the width.  Do I use a special band at the top? Applique? Flowers and hearts? A quote? Her name?

All this, to ponder tomorrow. For now here's an amazing song I discovered on Pandora while making the quilt--appropriately enough, by Railroad Earth.

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  1. You got this together in record time! What are the current measurements? The BF is going to love it! I like the idea of a special band and flowers & hearts. I'm sure whatever you decide will be delightful!

    The shopping spree bf story had me cracking up! I had to read it my son & my! However, $7 for a pair of shoes is a bargain! ;)

    The wrestler sounds adorable. Precious puppylove.

    I listened to the song. I like it. =)